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Caught in the Act

Ken Nash - The Community Village

by Tanya Ruigrok, GPVSB Communications


Ken Nash is a busy man with an active lifestyle.  For 36 years he worked in waste management, a challenging job where he was very busy all day long.  “When I retired” he says, “I suddenly found myself with nothing to do – my self worth started to decline. I came to The Community Village to see if they could use some help and found out they needed LOTS of help.”

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Caught in the Act

Courtney & David - Volunteers with the Cultural Integration Academy

by Erin Murphy, GPVSB Communications


Courtney and David found out about the Cultural Integration Academy while attending a local community event that took place this past summer. They have since found the opportunity very intriguing and it has been an excellent experience to become more involved in the Grande Prairie community.

While volunteering for the program they found out that a lot of their friends and neighbours are already volunteering within the community or specifically the CIA program.

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The GPVSB “Caught in the Act” volunteer recognition program runs once a month and it will see our photographer in attendance at your organization or event where we will “catch” your nominee in the act of volunteering. Nominees will: 

  • Be featured on our social media sites where they will be pictured actively engaged in the act of volunteering followed by a write up which will explain their volunteer activities as well as the impact of their volunteer efforts( Article may appear in the Daily Herald Tribune)
  • A FREE Pizza from Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

We welcome all organizations to submit recommendations for featured volunteers.

To nominate someone contact Rachael at:

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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