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Tim Hortons Volunteers of the Week

 July11KathleenJuly 11, 2017

Kathleen Lawrence: Society for Support to Pregnant & Parenting Teens

Pregnant & Parenting Teens nominates Kathleen who is the designer of the Tea House playhouse this year, this is Kathleen’s first playhouse with us. Kathleen has shown us her passion and dedication to the designing of the playhouse and her commitment to getting the job done, she personal laid down the flooring in the house one square at a time and did an amazing job! We appreciate Kathleen’s time and efforts in designing and working on the playhouses and hope she continues with us in the future for more houses to come! Thank you Kathleen for the time and hard work you have donated to our agency!

 July10MichelleJuly 10, 2017

Michelle Sutley: Spinal Cord Injury Alberta

Spinal Cord Injury Alberta nominates Michelle. The growth in Michelle Sutley's community participation has been a joy to behold. Thank you Michelle for your help at the Sponsors Appreciation Event, as well as for your support with the ticket sales.




 July6KajalJuly 6, 2017

Kajal Patel: AHS - QEII Hospital

Kajal Patel has been a volunteer for the AHS QEII Hospital since 2012. She is a very valuable and flexible volunteer and manages to juggle her education, work, family and volunteering.  She has volunteered or is still volunteering in the Cancer Clinic, Emergency Dept., Rehab Medicine, Information Desk, Public Health Centre and Mackenzie Place.  Kajal has taken the Palliative Care Workshop and is a Certified Feeder.  Kajal is also licensed to perform/teach Yoga and her passion is to help people/patients in the Cancer Clinic to experience the benefits of Yoga and breathing techniques. For someone of her tender age...She is amazing.

 July5KarenJuly 5, 2017

Karen Jones: Society for Support to Pregnant & Parenting Teens

Pregnant & Parenting Teens nominates Karen who is the designer of the Garden Shed ‘she shed’ playhouse this year, Karen has been designing playhouses for the Playhouse raffle for the past 6 years now, Karen’s passion shines through her playhouses and the time she dedicates to the building and finishing work of the playhouses. Karen also lends a hand with raffle ticket sales, she is kind, generous, and very talented in the area of design and has a good eye for detail! Karen always has a smile on her face and willing to lend a hand. We thank you Karen!!

 July4LisaJuly 4, 2017

Lisa Gillis: Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury Alberta nominates Lisa Gillis, who provided 12 hours of exceptional service to the Cash and Camping Lottery Ticket Sales for Spinal Cord Injury Alberta!  Thank you Lisa for your friendly, interested and listening attitude!





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