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Tim Hortons Volunteers of the Week

Tom Gross

October 10, 2017

Tom Gross: Saskatoon Lake Ag. Society

Saskatoon Lake Ag. Society would like to nominate Tom Gross as volunteer of the week.  Tom sits on our board of directors and is willing to lend a hand where one is needed.  Thank you for all your help Tom.




Angela Gross

October 6, 2017

Angela Gross: Saskatoon Lake Ag. Society

Saskatoon Lake Ag. Society would like to nominate Angela Gross for the volunteer of the week.  Angela sits on our board of directors and volunteers for many set and cleanup activities at our hall. Thank you for all your help Angela.




Jennifer Campbell

October 5, 2017

Jennifer Campbell: Sexsmith FCSS

Sexsmith FCSS would like to nominate Jennifer Campbell for Tim Horton volunteers of the week. Jennifer Campbell has dedicated her skills and time to practice with the Sexsmith St. Mary’s junior girls’ volleyball team and coach at games and weekend tournaments.  Volunteers like Jennifer make the sports programs at Sexsmith St. Mary’s a success.  Thank you so much Jennifer.


Dianne Laurin

October 4, 2017

Dianne Laurin: Grande Priairie Broncos

The Grande Prairie Broncos we would like to nominate Dianne Laurin for Volunteer of the Week.  Dianne started out taking photos for the Grande Prairie Broncos 8 years ago when her grandson was on the team.  What’s even more amazing is that for the last 4 years she has not had a family member on the team, but continues to support them.  Dianne simply does this purely out of the love of football and the joy of watching the kids grow.  Dianne and her husband Ray are at each game whether it’s sunny, rainy or even snowing.  As a team we sometimes ask Dianne to go through her pictures half way through the season, or send us a group photo, etc but any request that is made is always followed through without hesitation and smile on her face. Dianne has given up so much of her time for the Broncos and we certainly do appreciate it. Dianne Laurin you are a Rock Star!!

Grace Wurst

October 3, 2017

Grace Wurst: Grande Bingo Society

Grande Bingo Society nominates Grace Wurst. Grace is a long standing volunteer who has served in multiple positions on our board, and has jumped in with multiple member clubs to work bingos. She has been an instrumental cog in our wheel. She works very hard and manages to help us between her work hours, her family, and her multiple commitments with the Racing out on the track.

Thank you for all you do, Grace!


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