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Tim Hortons Volunteers of the Week


March 5, 2015- Deb Atwood

Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society would like to nominate Deb Attwood as volunteers of the week. Deb, owner of Healing Elements, is a Registered Massage Therapist, Myofascial Release & Reiki Practitioner; each week Deb offers massage to our horses assisting in providing them with the strength and flexibility they need to perform their very best at their job as a therapeutic lesson horse. Thank you Deb, we truly appreciate the time you spend with the herd!


March 4, 2015- Jody

Odyssey House nominates Jody as the volunteer of the week. Jody is a childcare volunteer who has so much passion and kindness for our young people. She loves creating art projects, reading stories-anything that puts a smile on a child’s face! Even though she is busy lady she makes herself available to Odyssey House and comes in on short notice. THANK YOU Jody for all your hard work and positive attitude!


March 3, 2015- Suzanne B.

St. John Ambulance would like to nominate Suzanne B for her volunteer efforts.  Suzanne came to us in 2014 with her lovely dog Spencer.  Suzanne had rescued Spencer and together they are a wonderful team.  We are so proud to have them.  Looking forward to many more visits from this team


March 2, 2015- Geraldine Gill & Students of Holy Cross Catholic School

Alberta Health Services Volunteer Resources nominates Teacher, Geraldine Gill, and students of the Holy Cross Catholic School. This group has returned to visit residents in Mackenzie Place under the Adopt-a-Grandparent program. It is so special to see them interacting in this intergenerational program gaining confidence, skills and imparting encouragement in the process. Alberta Health Services Volunteer Resources features them as Volunteers of the Week.


February 27, 2015- Dawne Torrance


Pregnant and Parenting Teens would like to recognize Dawne Torrance as volunteer of the week. Dawne is a very committed and dedicated volunteer who always has the wellbeing of all the children in the childcare center in mind. Not only is she a once weekly regular volunteer, but she also comes in whenever we are shorthanded, working as many as 6 shifts in one week! Dawne brings a refreshing amount of warmth and kindness with her and has a nurturing and focused presence. Our infants and toddlers all want a chance to engage in play with her and we appreciate her support. Thank you Dawne.


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