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Youth Volunteerism

Why Engage Youth Volunteers?

  • Young people bring a different level of energy to the organization - one of enthusiasm, interest and curiousity
  • Youth can provide relatable ideas and mentorship when working with children or other youth
  • Community responsibility - provide structure especially for those young people with chaotic lives
  • Kids are far more eager and willing than we realize - many are looking for a way to develop their skills and contribute in a meaningful way
  • Youth possess a broad range of skills and interests, especially with regards to technology. Many receive practical training at their schools and are capable of incredible things

Why Be a Youth Volunteer?

  • Gain life experience - improve your self-esteem, learn accountability and how to take control
  • Volunteering can provide valuable work experience - something potential employers will take notice of
  • Become involved in an area you're interested in, learn more about related fields and meet other youth with similar interests
  • Agencies can often provide mentorship and can help you grow your ambitions into realistic ventures
  • Time donated will supplement resumes and college or university applications and can often help you receive scholarships and bursaries
  • Develop a new hobby, meet new people, and learn how to manage your time effectively

A Youth "Caught in the Act" Volunteerism Testimony

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             Cheyanne Hairie                              Tyler Bojarski                                       Tabono Youth Group                  
 Age: 14-17 Age: 14 Ages: 12-17

Volunteer with:

Peace area Riding for the Disabled Society 

Volunteer with:

MS Society South

Peace Chapter 

Volunteer with:

GP Perfomring Arts




            Chris Helm                             Grffin Fischer                        
 Age: 22 Age: 16

 Volunteer with: 

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Volunteer with: 

Cool Aid Society



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